The All-New Arbitrum AI Project Airdrop(TraderDAO)

2 min readMar 23, 2023


The All-New Arbitrum AI Project Airdrop has finally arrived and it’s different from any other airdrops you’ve seen! Our $POT airdrop is based on the $POT generated by the entire network trading volume from the launch of Proof of Trade until 30 days after launch, with 5% of the total $POT minting reserved for the airdrop. The participation date will end by 30th April 2023.

The larger the trading volume, the greater the number of $POT tokens that will be airdropped to eligible traders. Just imagine, 5% of the total $POT minted by the entire network is reserved for this generous airdrop. With all the hype, in order to get the airdrop, these are the ways and guideline:

Step 1 — Qualifying Task
Complete the QuestN task here:

Step 2 — Increase Your Airdrop Amount
Tackle more quest to gain more airdrop amount!

1. Be active on TraderDAO social, Discord, Twitter.

2. Join current trading competition or any upcoming competition.

3. Trade using Bybit sub-account through TraderDAO.

4. Join Beta Test and gain sPOT on

5. Refer airdrop participants.

Step 3 — Congratulation
Get your airdrop and experience the revolution!

This airdrop participation will run till 30th April 2023, and all submission will be calculated. When $POT token is airdrop to you, you can swap $POT directly on TraderDAO for USDT based on $POT base price or choose to trade on the secondary market with the market price. Alternatively, HODL on to $POT token and experience the generative base price of $POT, increasing at every trading volume met.

If you encounter any question on:

1. QuestN(FAQ) —

2. TraderDAO(Gitbook) —

3. Any other(join Discord) —